Rumors of a New World Order has been circling around the globe for quite some time now. It is posed as a new world economic system under a totalitarian world government. Well exactly what do they have in store for this new world government??

New World Order

  • -Under the New World Order rules it is designed to depopulate. It states that all life forms that are not productive and are burdens to society will be put on trial for 365 days equivalent to 1 year to determine whether they can be useful or “productive”. After the one year trial period if the individual is found not to be useful or productive they will be killed with lethal injection.
  • All humans will be subject to trial at the age of 70 to determine their usefulness within a 365 day period equivalent to 1 year. Anyone who is not approved useful will be killed with lethal injection.
  • Any woman that becomes pregnant must immediately report to local health officials. Every unborn child will be subject to genetic testing. In addition, any child that is not “normal” will be killed.
  • Women will be limited to 2 children and will be mandatory sterilized within 30 days of having their 2nd child.
  • All newborns will be inserted with chips to be monitored of current health and whereabouts at all times. All current adult humans will be inserted with chips by specific date and anyone found without a chip will be killed immediately.

While all of these things listed contribute to Depopulation what is the reasoning behind all of this??

Stay tuned for the shocking answers!

-Light is Mind

Outside sources:

check out as it gives a full list of the NWO rules.



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