Social Media Scams. Don’t Fall For IT!!

social media scams

I am just about fed up with seeing all of these scams on the internet it is ridiculous! Normally, I don’t post on these kind of topics but I just have to share with you guys how I feel about it and maybe I can save someone money in the process.

The most popular social media scam started with the green dot money pak scam. You could get these cards from places like Walmart or Walgreens. Most scammers  that use this particular scheme sets up a fake profile on one of the many social networks. They post pictures and some even post videos of them “supposedly” flipping another persons money. They’re very flashy and will promise that every thing is legit and they do not scam. However, they are bald face liars!

How Does It Work?

When a scammer is using the Green Dot MoneyPak as a means to scam you they will generally tell you that they can turn your little $100 into $1000. Your attention is likely to be caught by a picture similar to the one below that had been posted on Instagram.

Social media scams 1

Of course they want serious interested people! Normally desperate individuals who need cash fast. These are the people they are getting paid by! They will tell you to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak and put the amount of $100 – $500 on the card. Afterwards, the scammer will then claim to “go into the system” and add a zero. Okay let’s pause for a second. How is it that all of these people that are advertising this scam work at Western Union and have access to the system?? How many people do you see when you go to a Western Union or have just walked by the counter? Not very many I’m sure. Maybe 2 or 3 at the most. Carrying on, once they get you to do this they will then ask for the PIN on the back of the card. This is their give away! If they were just going to change it in the system why shouldn’t you just give them the unique bar code?? Once you give them the PIN your money is gone and you will never hear from them again. They are going to block you from whatever social network they are using and they are going to block you on their phone line. There will be nothing you can do about it because after all the MoneyPak isn’t assigned to a specific person only the person with the PIN and that could be anyone. Do Not Fall For It!

For a while the Green Dot MoneyPak has been taken off the market due to so many scams being reported from them. However, the scammers have chosen another avenue.



These lazy no good people are now getting people to send them money through money gram and western union. I found this out because I wanted to see what one of the scammers were actually doing and I was considering a little scam bait. Unfortunately, once they presented this to me I couldn’t help but point out their stupidity. Here is how the conversation went through text messaging that includes my unsaid thoughts. (I did not use my real number I used the Talkatone app with a fake one and excuse the “scammer” word I made up! Haha).

Me: I’d be more confident if you were tagging the people you flipped money for.

Scammer: I don’t do that because a lot of ppl don’t like getting tag. So I just don’t tag nobody

(I thought to myself if I sent a picture to him for him to advertise I would either like the picture by double tapping or you would tag me. Their fake people, they find these pics on google! They don’t even look like an original photo.)

Me: I really want to try but I’m scared its a scam.

Scammer: I don’t scam I get your money 100%

Me: You promise?

Scammer: Yes whats your instagram name who am I talking to?

(Hello! He needs my name so that he can block me once he’s taken my money, at least if I didn’t already know he was a thief).

Me: @TheOneYouRemember

Scammer: I’m sorry I don’t .. (He’s an idiot) .. can you like some pics.

Me: (Likes 3 pics on his fake profile)

Scammer: Oh Ok, I got you

Me: What’s the process?

Scammer: Are you going to do the special today? (Wait, you have a special on taking people’s money??)

Me: What is it?

Scammer: 200 gets you 3000. (Whaaaatttt?? thats new!)

Me: How long does it take?

Scammer: 35 mins (sounds like all the other scammers out there)

Me: How do you do it?

Scammer: Ok look, (he gets his business mind on now he’s about to get paid!) you go to the western union I’ll send you the information to put it under.. me and my friend (wait, you and your friend?? Where are they??) go into the system and change your amount. I can’t touch the money period. You go back to the western union and pick it up but you have to send me my 25%. (Ding Ding Ding! Never trust someone who tells you to send them money or send them money back! #1 give away to a scam!)

Me: Whats the Info?

Scammer: When you fill out the “Send Money” form you will have to put the city which is Atlanta, Georgia/Name: Jordon Brown/Test question: Whats your favorite sport? Tennis.. Make sure you check No ID pick up and put the same test question and answer for yourself. That is the only way I can open the file.

Me: (No response)

Scammer: When you give the form to the people make sure they do the No ID pick up because if not it won’t go through and you will have to call customer service to do it.

Now let’s pause here for a moment. So you mean to tell me I have to call customer service to tell them to give me $3000 when I only put $200 on the card?? Hmmm… Notice that they stressed to make sure that I check the “No ID pick up” option. Well sounds like to me and should to most of you that its the way they steal money without revealing their identity. Do you really think someone is going to do something for nothing and trust you, someone they don’t know, to send them money back?? Carrying on ..

Me: That doesn’t make sense. Sounds like that’s a way for you to pick up the money without being ID’d. ( I just had to say something!)

Scammer: I just told you I can’t touch the money if I’m going to flip it, it has to stay in the system. Its just the way she can finish it so you won’t need ID to pick it back up once I am finish. (So she can finish it? Or once you are finished? I’m confused here.)

Me: If I’m sending money, how is it that you can’t touch it if you have all the information needed to pick it up?? This doesn’t make any logical sense. I’m done. Have a nice day.

Scammer: Ok bye I no what I can do trust your little 25% ain’t sh**. ( And yes he/she spelled know like no. Funny to me they got a little annoyed. Lol)

Me: I’m not going to argue with you and I’m sure it isn’t anything to you. You’re taking money from plenty people in need daily. Rest your conscious on that. Again have a nice day.

The scammer never responded after this. I hope it was because I touched a part of them that made them feel convicted of what they were doing. Just don’t fall for this stuff because if it were real we’d all be rich off of Western Union. I’d do it everyday if I thought I could get thousands in just 30 minutes. In case you are wondering who this scammer is I don’t mind revealing them. Their Instagram name is @cashflow522. There are plenty out there but at least you can visit this page to get an idea of what they do on their fake profiles to get people to really believe them. They are rolling in stolen money from very desperate individuals that are already struggling. Those are the people I have sympathy for not the ugly deceiving thief!

Bottom line folks …


Don’t let the thieves get over on you.

-Light Is Mind


4 thoughts on “Social Media Scams. Don’t Fall For IT!!

  1. Wow…First of all scammers are simply ridiculous. And you see them all the time. I love how you included a conversation, it was interesting to follow. You should BOLD your own thoughts or something like that. 🙂
    Nice quote at the end!


    I said love one too many times.


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